Types of Bathroom Showers

There are so many bathroom showers ideas that finding inspiration to remodel your bathroom will leave you spoilt for choice. From bathroom showers without doors that are practical for small rooms to luxurious bathroom showers stalls, there is no reason to make do without the means to take a quick five minutes shower. Even if you have a tub installed, a shower diverter can make it into a double function feature: take a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower without the need for a second bathroom.

Bathroom Showers Without Doors

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notice the shower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the right design, you can transform that tiny utility room downstairs into a practical shower room that feels spacious. Doorless showers usually employ a fixed overhead shower and a flat shower dish, but can also take over the entire room with a sink on the floor of the bathroom and good ventilation. While more messy than a shower with doors, this kind of showers are really cheap to install and perfect as a quick fix for a secondary bathroom. If you hate water trailing all over the place consider using shower curtains hanging from a rail and avoid hand held shower heads. Just make sure the bathroom has good ventilation as otherwise humidity may accumulate quickly.

Shower Over Tub

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Shower over tub (Photo credits: West Elm)

If you have a bathtub you can easily install an overhead or hand-held shower using a shower diverter and a shower arm. This way you can modernise an old bathroom without having to spend a lot of money remodelling the entire thing, and still be able to enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you want. A shower over bathtub installation will require removal of some of the tiles if you want to put the shower diverter and water circuit for the shower head hidden inside the wall, but can also be attached to stand-alone bathtubs using specialist shower arms. Don’t forget a shower curtain if you don’t want your shower leaving your entire bathroom covered in water.

Bathroom Showers Stalls

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bathroom showers stalls (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Bathroom shower stalls come in a variety of designs, and are perfect if you like your privacy and don’t want water splashed all over the bathroom every time you have a shower. For a small bathroom, a shower stall built with translucent glass bricks will allow light to pass through but offer more privacy than a shower without doors. You can also build a small partial wall and cover it with tiles in the same style as the walls, or using a contrasting style for a more modern effect. The stall can be completed with a glass door or, for a low cost alternative, shower curtains hanging from a rail across the stall walls.

Luxury Bathroom Showers Spas

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luxury bathroom showers (Photo credit: leah.jones)

Luxury showers spas were the domain of the very rich until relatively recently, when more affordable models have come into the market. This type of showers come in different styles, but often they are a glass enclosure (that can go 360 degrees or use the existing bathroom walls for a corner shower spa) with a variety of sprouts and water jets that can provide both massage or sauna programs as well as a regular, overhead shower. The shower diverters used for this kind of showers can derive water to several circuits and are usually installed behind the walls, with some of the water jets often embedded on the wall. As you can see, this is a pricey bathroom remodelling project better undertaken by a professional!