Dual Shower Head: A Modern Take on Bathroom Design

A dual shower head is a modern option for the bathroom designer that wants to enjoy the unique benefits of a rain-style deluge shower, but also the practicality of a hand held shower. Double shower head fixtures combine an overhead shower with a handheld one, using a shower diverter valve to enable one or the other. Quick shower or luxurious spa-like relaxing experience, the choice is yours.

Should You Install A Double Shower Head?

Installing a dual shower head is not necessarily more difficult than any other type of bathroom shower, though some high-end models include features that are better left to professionals, such as steam showers. Most of the time, this type of double shower head just uses a simple shower diverter to send water to the overhead shower or to the hand held shower head, though some models will also have body jets along the tube to the top shower head.

dual shower head with body jets

You will most likely have to replace the entire shower, not just the shower head, as the mixers are often part of the structure. Most people prefer to install this kind of showers outside the tiles, as the designs are often contemporary and add to the general appearance of the bathroom area. You will need to be careful about the amount of overhead space that you have, as the deluge shower head will need several centimeters of overhead space in order to look good. Make sure there is plenty of space to stand upright under it if you want to enjoy a relaxing shower.

Regarding the hand held shower head, make sure the cable is long enough so it allows you to shower comfortably and without accidental tugging, as that could damage the outlet and replacing it can be more difficult than with a traditional shower head. You will also need a fair bit of space or your rain shower will make a big mess.

Dual Shower Heads We Love

While you can always go to a store and look at shower heads and bathrooms there, we sort of like being able to shop online without bossy sales associates trying to convince us to buy something expensive. So the following dual shower head models are all found on Amazon, and can serve you as inspiration for your next bathroom remodel project.

Best Value for Money Dual Head Shower

dual shower head space savingThe Ana Bath SS5450CBN is a compact dual shower head with a 3-way diverter, and 5-function, 5 inches, showerhead and handheld shower. It’s easy to install yourself (all you need is a wrench), and comes with clear instructions (If you don’t believe me you can check them out at Amazon images), and users report having them working perfectly for over 4 years, which makes it a great investment at a very sensible price ($74.99 when this was written) and with a lifetime warranty. This double shower head is made to last, with good quality materials and a protective finish to prevent corrosion.

On the downside, the combination of grey rubber and brushed nickel finish doesn’t look as high-end as other brushed nickel shower heads that combine metal and glass. The water pressure at first may seem lower than with other shower models, particularly if you are using both shower heads at the same time.  However, you can remove the water restrictors to solve that problem.

Vintage Double Head Shower

rubbed bronze dual shower headThe Mariner 2 Combination Shower Head System is a luxurious, oil rubbed bronze vintage style adjustable dual shower head that will fit the most high-end bathrooms and look stylish and elegant. The 24″ slide bar is made of solid brass and allows you to set the height of the shower to your preferred position, and both shower heads are adjustable and tilt easily for a customized shower experience. The rich, dark brown finish is unusual and eye catching, and the shower performance of the overhead shower is reported as very good.

On the cons, the shower diverter used only allows for one head to be active at the same time, so if you want to be able to use both simultaneously you will need to choose a different model or buy a special diverter. Some people also report difficulties installing it, due mostly to incomplete instructions included on the package. At $179, it is not cheap either.

Brushed Nickel Shower Head

brushed nickel double shower headThe Pfister 016-HH5K is a classical brushed nickel dual shower head, perfect if you are after the stylish look of brushed metal but don’t want to miss on the benefits of a dual shower head. Both the hand held shower and the overhead shower head have 5 different settings, from pressure massage to gentle rainfall. This model is also extremely easy to install using suction cups, so no drilling required. Perfect if you don’t want to risk your bathroom tiles when installing the new shower.

The only downsides to this shower is that it’s not a full shower system, and it’s designed to be installed on top of a third party shower faucet and water controlled. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a new installation if you just buy the pieces separately, but at $250.32 we expected a bit more.


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