Best Steam Showers Brands Reviews

Oh the luxury of steam showers! Being able to enjoy a spa-like experience every time you fancy from the comfort of your own bathroom is one of those little luxuries that many home-owners consider when remodelling their bathroom. Steam showers come in a variety of styles and prices, and you can even get custom steam showers designed to exactly match your needs, at a considerably higher cost. The following are some reviews on what we think are the best steam showers brands in the market, so you can take an informed decision about which steam shower is better for you, as buying one is a major investment.

Oasis Steam Showers

Oasis is one of those companies whose name has become synonym with high quality steam showers and rooms. They have some of the best reviews in the market, and their customer support is outstanding. You can even get to talk with them using live chat, which is what we did in order to research the brand. Alternatively, their sales and support staff are also available via the phone and email.

They offer free shipping to the US and Canada, and a low price guarantee based on being an online business with a business model that reduces their overhead costs. Their Oasis Platinum range of steam showers starts at over $3000, but it’s the closest thing you can ever have to a real, dedicated spa experience. They have models suitable for relatively small bathrooms, starting at 39.3”x35.4”, which is a great benefit for those with limited indoors space.

While researching for this steam shower reviews, the Oasis Platinum models were the ones that got our heart. Particularly this one,  the DA324F3.

Ariel Steam Showers

Ariel steam showers reviews

Ariel steam showers reviews

If you are wondering whether modular steam showers system exists… they do! Ariel is one of the first manufacturers of this kind of steam showers, and their products are for sale in amazon at similar prices as the Oasis ones, but with mixed reviews. Some models are awesome, and some models doesn’t seem to be so great. However, as usual with steam showers reviews, since the number of people commenting is so small you shouldn’t blindly trust the number of stars and instead read them to identify the problems.

The negative points people see about some of the Ariel Steam Showers systems are often that they are difficult to clean, and the installation manuals can be complex if you choose to install them yourself. For example, they use more than one shower diverter in order to provide water to all the steam jets, so if you are doing it yourself or hiring somebody to install it for you, class it as a difficult installation task. On the positive side, they come in really small, space-saving options.

If you are looking for steam showers reviews for models that you can install yourself, Ariel would be our first choice.

Aquapeutics Steam Showers

aquapeutics luxury steam showers

aquapeutics luxury steam showers

Aquapeutics is also a great brand for affordable (or very expensive, if you look at their top luxury ranges) steam showers, and they offer some of the prettiest models available in our opinion. They deliver the items and you can assemble them yourself, or get a contractor to do so if you aren’t familiar with bathroom remodel projects. If you find yourself stuck during installation, their customer support staff is friendly and helpful. Their Ozone Sterilization system, though no replacement for regular cleaning and basic hygiene practices, makes it much less smelly than products such as the Ariel showers above that tend to accumulate organic matter in the floor.

Some steam showers reviews of this brand claim that they require specialist parts in terms of electrical breakers in order to make them work, which can be difficult to locate. It may be beneficial to have a chat with their customer support before you purchase any of their steam showers, in order to ensure you will have everything you need ready to get it installed and ready to go as soon as you receive it. You can buy them at a discounted price through EBay, but beware of units that have been badly stored or have suffered damage.

Unless you want to pay a hefty extra for custom steam showers, buying a pre-made model from any of the above brands is usually a cost effective way of enjoying a spa-like water massage and sauna experience at home. However, make sure to measure closely the available space in your bathroom and get professional advice if you aren’t sure whether a particular model is suitable, as you may end up spending a lot of money on something that you can’t make work.

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